Eventuri Spare Filter DAZA Stage 3 Intake

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Eventuri Spare Filter DAZA Stage 3 Intake

Unlike many other intake companies who use a generic filter, we have carried out extensive R&D and invested significant funds into our own unique filter design, so that it is optimised in our Patent Pending reverse mounted configuration. The filtration medium is constructed from non-woven mesh and is ISO 5011 tested which conforms to the same filtration standard as OEM filters. The mesh is double layered and is dry which means that it will not damage MAF sensors with oil. Our filters feature 2 flow directing cones which have been carefully modelled to direct airflow

Eventuri are proud to announce our bespoke filter cones for 2018. This filter is a custom design which was developed to provide optimum airflow through our Eventuri housings where the filter is reverse mounted. It is a direct replacement for all of our intakes which use Eventuri carbon housings and will be fitted to all new intakes from 2018.Eventuri Spare Filter DAZA 

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