Millers Nanodrive ‘CFS’ 5w40 NT+ Engine Oil – 1 Litre

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Millers Nanodrive ‘CFS’ 5w40 NT+  1 Litre

Fully Synthetic Triple Ester Nano Technology ultra low friction formulation. Suitable for fast road/street modified engines, using Ultra low friction nanotechnology.

For competition or modified engines where maximum power release is the preferred criteria. Formulated for high revving engines used in circuit racing or for larger engines for short duration i.e. hill climbs and sprints. Also suitable for fast road or track day use, especially in engines where a 5w30 is normally specified. Suitable for operating at 125°C with peak temperatures up to 150°C.

User Benefits
– Significantly reduces friction and heat, Promoting longer component life.
– Increases power output and torque, superior anti-friction and anti-wear characteristics
– Improves reliability and energy efficiency

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