Scorpion Cat Back Exhaust – Volkswagen Golf Mk6 ‘R’

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System Type:: Non-Resonated
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Scorpion Cat-Back Exhaust System – Volkswagen Golf Mk6 ‘R’

Features:3″ Diameter Stainless Steel Pipework
Available in Resonated (Quieter) and Non-Resonated (Louder)
100mm Daytona Tailpipes

What’s in the box
Front Section – Resonated = With Silencer – Non-Resonated = Without Silencer
Centre Silencer
Tailpipe Sections
Fitting Kit

The use of de-cats, sports cats are for off road/motorsport use only. Using these parts would inhibit your vehicle from passing a MOT test.

Only EC type-approved components are legal and fit for road use.

If non EC type-approved components are fitted at Awesome, the vehicle cannot be driven from our premises on the road, the vehicle will need to be recovered on a trailer to prove your intention is for off road use.

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 ‘R’

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