SuperPro VAG MQB Offset Strut Camber Mounts (Front)

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SuperPro VAG MQB Offset Strut Camber Mounts (Front)

Over the last 18 months, SuperPro has endeavored to develop a performance product that is the ideal solution to increase negative camber for the VAG MQB platform vehicles. The resultant product is an offset strut top mount designed to be utilized with the original VAG electronic dampers!  Made from cast aluminum and featuring SuperPro’s unique polyurethane to keep it securely but comfortably located, this part gives 1 degree of extra camber adjustment using the top mount. It’s been designed to work with OE suspension (including damp tronic OE dampers) and aftermarket coil overs.


Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Volkswagen Golf R MK7

Audi TT 8S

Audi TTS 8S

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