Vagbremtechnic Hooked 256mm Rear Brake Discs (1J/8N Platform)

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Vagbremtechnic Hooked 256mm Rear Brake Discs (1J/8N Platform)

For road use, we decided to opt for the version where the outer grooves do not run out to outside diameter but stay within the confines of the disc face. For road applications, they also generate less noise than straight or curved groove discs and don't suffer the fatigue cracking that drilled disc users can experience after many heat cycles.

So win-win for Hooked, Vagbremtechnic also takes a non handed OEM casting and Left/Right the Hooked pattern to ensure temperature stability and an appropriately designed disc face for either the nearside or offside of the car to give a good gas path despite not using a handed casting. We've seen some real success on a budget with these discs, especially when used with a four piston caliper upgrade

Audi S3 8L

Audi A3 8L

Volkswagen Golf Mk4

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