034Motorsport Billet Aluminium Engine Mount Set for 2.0TFSI & 2.0TSI Engines

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034Motorsport Billet Aluminium Engine Mount Set for 2.0TFSI & 2.0TSI Engines 

034Motorsport's Performance Mounts for MkV/MkVI Volkswagen & 8J/8P Audi models are are the new standard in track performance. Our mounts are designed with performance in mind, and manufactured from billet aluminum and high-durometer rubber for increased performance and durability, while maintaining better ride characteristics than polyurethane alternatives. Motorsport Mounts are void-free and fluid-free, eliminating the slop associated with the factory engine/transmission mounts, and are designed to be completely rebuildable with replaceable rubber bushings.

These mounts were thoroughly tested in-house on the Christian@034's Stage 3 Audi A3 2.0 TSI and refined on the track and street before release. Some increase innoise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) transfer into the cabin is to be expected with these mounts, as they are designed to drastically limit engine movement versus the factory parts.


  • Manufactured from T6-6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Replaceable 65 DurometerRubber Bushings with Void-Free Construction
  • Reduced Drivetrain Slop
  • Decreased Engine Movement Under Load
  • More Direct Power Transfer
  • Improved Shifting Feel
  • Complete Drop-In Replacement of Factory Engine/Transmission Mounts



Audi TT Mk2

Audi A3 8P

Audi S3 8P

Volkswagen Golf Mk5

Volkswagen Golf Mk6

Seat Leon Mk2

Skoda Octavia Mk2

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