034Motorsport Front Subframe Alloy Bushings - Audi A4/S4/RS4 (B7)

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034Motorsport Front Subframe Alloy Bushings - Audi A4/S4/RS4 (B7)

Finally, deal with those rubber subframe bushings once and for all and dramatically increase the ability to hold suspension geometry under severe cornering forces. Stock rubber subframe bushings, while quiet and cushy, deflect under loads and allow the subframe to shift - which causes camber, caster, and other geometry changes.

Designed with specific upper and lower halves for both the front and rear of the front subframe, our bushings are also individually labeled for ease of installation.

Includes enough pieces for one front subframe on Audi B5/B6/B7 chassis. Precision CNC machined in-house from billet 6061 aluminum.

New OEM subframe bolts now included with every bushing set!

NOTE- Our bushings are precision CNC machined to within a few ten-thousandths of an inch, however, the stock steel subframe has VERY sloppy tolerances. Due to this, it will be required to clarance your subframe to fit these bushings, a sanding roll or carbide grinding bit can be used. The amount of material varies on each subframe. Audi made these very sloppy as the stock subframe bushings have plastic sleeves, however, our billet aluminum bushings require a much higher tolerance fit.


Audi S4 B7

Audi RS4 B7

Audi A4 B7

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