034Motorsport Stage 2 Billet Catch Can Kit, 8V/8V.5 S3 & MK7/MK7.5 GOLF R AWD

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034Motorsport Stage 2 Billet Catch Can Kit, 8V/8V.5 S3 & MK7/MK7.5 GOLF R AWD

The 034Motorsport Stage 2 Billet Catch Can Kit is the ultimate PCV replacement for hardcore track enthusiasts and street drivers alike, featuring both the 034Motorsport Catch Can and Valve Cover Breather Assembly, CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet. The 034Motorsport Valve Cover Breather Assembly utilizes a built-in baffle plate to prevent oil from surging into the cylinder head, which the stock valve cover breather assembly fails to do. When paired with our catch can, this kit harmoniously ensures the intercooler and inlet tracts stay clear of pesky oil build-up, solving blow-by issues through proper crankcase ventilation. This pairing allows clean airflow throughout the intake manifold, resulting in an increased lifespan of your motor and a smoke-free experience on the race track!

Pushing the EA888 Gen3 2.0T hard on track under high-G braking and cornering commonly results in large pools of oil collecting within the cylinder head. Due to an inherent design flaw in the factory PCV system, the pooled oil can escape through the check valve and into the combustion chamber, causing an enormous puff of blue/gray smoke to come out of the tailpipes under harsh braking or hard turning. This can lead to severe consequences such as shorter engine life, avoidable oil consumption, and oil starvation due to rapid oil consumption.

A critical feature of a valve cover breather assembly is the ability to relieve pressure within the crankcase. Oftentimes, competitors tout their baffle system ensures proper crankcase pressure ventilation, but most owners often find themselves with blown seals due to inadequate ventilation under the harshest conditions. This issue is caused by a poorly designed baffle plate with unnecessarily tight tolerances, hindering the performance of the PCV system rather than improving it. The 034Motorsport Stage 2 Billet Valve Cover Breather Assembly has a properly designed baffle plate that prevents large quantities of oil from splashing out of the cylinder head, while allowing for restriction-free airflow for crankcase pressure, ensuring that the crankcase does not build up unnecessary pressure during high-performance usage.


The 034Motorsport Billet Catch Can is included in the Stage 2 Billet Catch Can Kit captures and stores all unwanted vapors from the valve cover breather assembly. For added convenience, there is an integrated dipstick allowing for a quick and easy way of checking levels.


  • Simple Bolt-In Installation
  • Machined From 6061-T6 Aluminum Billet
  • Anodized Black for Protection Long-Lasting Good Looks
  • Integrated Dipstick for Easy Level Checks
  • The Built-In Baffle Plate Allows Proper Crankcase Ventilation Without Oil Surging.
  • Ensures Proper Crankcase Ventilation
  • Eliminates Potential Boost Leak at PCV Assembly
  • Eliminates The "Giant Puff of Smoke" That Occurs on Track With the Stock Unit
  • Catches Unwanted Oil and Water Vapor From Being Burnt
  • Keeps the Intercooler and Inlet Tracts Clear of Oil Build-Up, and Provides Clean Airflow Through The Inlet Manifold.
  • Prevents Oil Deposits in Intake Manifold and On Intake Valves
  • Reduces Carbon Buildup
  • Retains Factory Engine Cover
  • CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum 034Motorsport Valve Cover Breather Fittings (Black Anodized)
  • 034Motorsport Modular Catch Can Assembly (Black Anodized)
  • -10 AN Catch Can Inlet/Outlet Hoses
  • No-Drill Mounting Bracket
  • VC PCV Breather Adapter Assembly
  • Installation Hardware


06K 103 495 P
06K 103 495 AA
06K 103 495 AF
06K 103 495 AS
06K 103 495 BL
06K 103 495 AG
06K 103 495 AT
06K 103 495 BM
06K 103 495 AH
06K 103 495 AP
Note: Vehicles running catch cans in below-freezing temperatures are advised to remove the catch can during winter months to avoid freeze-up issues. Race cars that need to run catch cans in freezing conditions should take extra steps to prevent freeze-up such as an electric heater or cleaning out the system regularly. Take care when routing the lines and avoid drooping, as that can allow oil/water to collect and freeze.

Audi A3 8V

Audi S3 8V

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

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