Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' Titanium Exhaust System - Audi RS7 (C7)

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Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' Titanium Exhaust System - Audi RS7 (C7)

Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' Titanium Audi's high-performance RS models are an ideal match for the expertly styled and beautifully engineered Akrapovi€ Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' Titanium  exhaust systems. The Evolution gives more power, higher torque, decreases the weight, and delivers an unmistakable Akrapovi€ sound, which has a deep sound at lower revs and a ÌÎ̴̢Ì_ÌÎÌãÌ´ÌåÌÎÌãÌ´ÌÁpopping' sound as things speed up when the throttle is lifted. This 'Evolution Line' Titanium exhaust system has cast collectors and three mufflers, with the central one featuring an x-piece inside, which increase power and improve its sound. The valves of the Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' system are designed to open and close in line with the RS' standard electronics, and the whole system has carbon-fibre tailpipes to show off the exquisite finish of the Akrapovi€ exhaust.Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' can easy-to-fit instructions are included, and with this cat-back performance exhaust system, which means that the stock catalytic converters remain in place, there's no need to remap the ECU (it's simply a plug-and play system).

Horse Power Gains (bhp)
558 at 5850 rpm
564.9 at 5850 rpm
Torque Gains (lb/ft)
556 at 2950 rpm
563.7 at 2950 rpm
Weight (lbs)
Stock 75
Akrapovic 57.1
Static Noise (dB)

 'Evolution Line' Titanium


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Audi RS7


Audi RS7 (C7)

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