Akrapovic 'Evolution Line' Titanium Exhaust System - Audi S6 (C7)

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 Titanium Exhaust System Audi S range of cars features high-performance V8 engines that are a perfect match for the Akrapovi€ Evolution exhaust systems. Styled and designed in-house by Akrapovi€'s engineers, the Audi S range of Evolution exhausts include valves that are steered through electric actuators designed to alter their position depending on the vehicle's driving program and the driver's style. They can also be changed in the car's individual program settings. The addition of annium will increase power and torque levels, while decreasing weight and adding the unique Akrapovi€ sound.  Titanium Exhaust System exhausts give the car a noticeably different character, with a deep sound at lower revs and a sportier note as the revs rise. With four, superbly styled round carbon-fibre tailpipes, the Titanium Exhaust System looks as good as it works on Audi S models. This cat-back performance exhaust system leaves the stock catalytic converters in place, so there is no need to remap the ECU. Its easy-to-fit instructions make installation a simple, plug-and play task.

Horse Power Gains (bhp)
426.9 at 5550 rpm
430.2 at 5580 rpm
Torque Gains (lb/ft)
438.5 at 2800 rpm
439.4 at 2800 rpm
Weight (lbs)
Stock 76.1
Akrapovic 59.1
Static Noise (dB)
Titanium Exhaust System


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Audi S6


Audi S6 (C7)

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