Autotech 2.0T (EA888) Gen3 High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

Kit Options:: Fuel Pump Upgrade only
Sale price£399.00 GBP


Autotech 2.0T (EA888) Gen3 High-Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

Each piston and cylinder in Autotech HPFP kit undergo high-precision grinding processes many times during their manufacture, ensuring that the most precise tolerances are maintained through the final step.

Plasma DLC coating ensures low friction operation.

Each piston and cylinder are match-ground and serialised to ensure absolute precision and the utmost longevity.

 Pressure Fuel Pump

We also offer this fuel pump with an additional install kit
This kit includes:

  • High Upgraded, Coated Internals
  • Fuel Pump Gasket
  • Fuel Hose Clamp
  • High-Pressure
  • Fuel Pump Disassembling Tool
  • High-Pressure Fuel Pump Bolts (x2)

Additional information

Kit Options:

Fuel Pump Upgrade only, With Installation Kit (10-127-103T)


Vehicle Fitment

Audi S1 8X 2.0 TSI
Audi S3 8V 2.0 TSI
Audi TTS 8S
Seat Leon 5F 2.0 TSI
Skoda Octavia Mk3 (5E) 2.0 TSI
Skoda Superb B8 (3V) 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Arteon 2017- 2.0 TSI
Volkswagen Golf R Mk7 2.0 TSI

Audi S3 (8P)

Volkswagen Golf Mk5

Skoda Octavia Mk3 (5E)

Audi A3 (8P 03-13)

Audi TT Mk2 (8j)

SEAT Leon Mk2 (1P)

Audi A3 8P

Audi S3 8P

Skoda Octavia Mk2

Volkswagen Golf Mk5

Audi TT Mk2 (8J)

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