Brembo 6 Piston Front Brake Kit With 380x34MM 2 Piece Discs - VW Golf R MK7/S3 8V/TT S/TT RS

Disc Type/Caliper Colour: Slotted/Red Calipers
Sale price£4,438.80 GBP

Brembo 6 Piston Front Brake Kit With 380x34MM 2 Piece Discs - VW Golf R MK7/S3 8V/TT S/TT RS

The B-M6 represents the latest in Brembo's experience in caliper design. The B-M6 kit includes new 380mm two piece rotors, along with pads, lines and all hardware necessary for installation.

Quick Info:

  • Designed, tested and proven to perform in both high-performance and street driving
  • Includes all parts for a complete braking rebuild: cross-drilled or slotted discs, aluminum calipers, braided stainless steel brake lines, long-lasting aggressive-performance pads and pre-torqued aircraft-quality hardware
  • Brembo GT Slotted Discs:
    – Two-piece floating disc and hat assembly
    – Offer consistent performance that’s more structurally sound
    – More aggressive brake bite and pad surface refreshing
    – Reduces glazing, which is the main cause of brake fade
    – Lighter weight, less rotational mass and unsprung weight for better handling
  • Brembo Cast Aluminum Calipers:
    – Utilize 4-, 6- or 8-piston cast aluminum calipers (based on your vehicle)
    – Provide maximum braking force without the flex of sliding calipers
    – Customize your Brembo caliper color – choose from red, black, yellow and silver
    – Engineered to work with your vehicle’s stock master cylinder and ABS components
  • High-Performance Brake Pads:
    – Feature FERODO FM1000 friction material for maximum stopping power
    – Incorporates anti-rattle feature to eliminate noise
    – Designed for quick and easy pad changes
  • High-Performance Brake Lines:
    – Braided stainless steel covered PTFE hose form the brake lines
    – Reduced flex for better pedal-feel
    – Resists abrasion to increase safety
    – Pressure-tested to 3000 psi, for durable leak-free performance
    – Reduces stopping distances and ABS pedal chatter
    – DOT-certified and T.U.V approved
  • Pre-torqued Aircraft-quality Caliper Mounting Brackets:
    – Precision-milled from superior quality billet materials to ensure a precise fit
    – Anodized for an attractive finish
    – Includes all necessary hardware for simple installation

All new braking technology

The B-M6 is manufactured using a new, innovative 4D technology casting process, and is the first time this process has been used for automotive calipers. This casting process uses a technology that enables Brembo to engineer a design completely different from what is usually seen in the caliper market. With this technology, the casted caliper has technical features commonly used in racing billet or forged calipers. The B-M6 is casted with an internal fluid line versus the more conventional rigid pipe connections. The one non-visible bleeding screw allows for more safety and freedom in the design since it is better integrated into the overall design. The B-M6 is the most efficient body architecture and style and designed without constrains on the outboard caliper manufactured by traditional molds.

For the street or track

If you have a modified street or track driven vehicle, you've probably noticed that your stock brakes just aren't keeping up with the increased speed. Developed as the next step beyond basic pad and rotor upgrades, the Brembo B-M6 6 piston brake kit is designed to give you a substantial increase in overall braking performance. Decreased stopping distances, better heat management and significantly better resistance to brake fade are all characteristics of th

Audi RS3 8V

Audi S3 8V

Audi TT MK3

Audi TTRS 8S

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Skoda Octavia Mk3

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