High Capacity Piston Valve with Fitting Kit For Audi TT RS (8J) or RS3 (8P)

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High Capacity Piston Valve with Fitting Kit For AUDI TT or RS3

This valve kit was developed for those who have tuned, or plan to tune, their vehicles in excess of 450hp, as it was observed that cars over 450bhp were randomly getting errors from the stock solenoid valve not functioning. Whilst the stock valve will operate as designed, with the boost level necessary for 450bhp, the stock valve couldn’t move the amount or volume of air it needed to, so the ECU was seeing too great a positive boost in the MAP readings between gearchanges and assuming the stock valve wasn’t functioning correctly. We looked closely at this issue and noted that there would be no real fix for this as the size of the hole for the valve is too small in the stock elbow.

We decided that we would re-design and produce our own elbow, allowing a much larger dv port, which in turn would allow fitment of a larger valve, to take advantage of it. We also improved the internal flow of the elbow and removed restrictions within the valve.

We are pleased to say that this now solves all issues that owners were experiencing.

Audi RS3 8P


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