EBC Turbo Drilled and Grooved Discs Front - Polo (6C)

Model: 1.0/2014-2017/60bhp/Caliper:VW/Disc Size:256
Sale price£216.04 GBP

EBC Turbo Drilled and Grooved Discs Front - Polo (6C)

The Turbo Groove Discs have unique wide slots which help cool the discs and brake pads alike, and together with the blind drilled dimples help clear surface gases without affecting the structure of the disc unlike through drilled discs.

Dirt, dust gases, grit, or debris from heavy braking exit the pad braking area through the slots that extend to the outer edge of the disc – a unique feature of the EBC discs. This ensures brake pads wear flat and parallel throughout their use, in turn improving your braking. Anodized by gold zinc; these discs are also protected from corrosion in the areas not swept by the brake pad.

As with most sports discs a small amount of noise can be produced, but this gradually diminishes and is minimal at around 1,000 miles of road use.

These EBC discs offer outstanding performance and are often favored by performance drivers. Want the best braking performance use Turbo Groove Discs with Yellowstuff Pads.

Volkswagen Polo 6R/6C

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