EBC Ultimax Grooved Discs Front – Golf (Mk6)

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EBC Ultimax Grooved Discs Front – Golf (Mk6)

The Ultimax Disc’s black zinc coating protects against rust and under the industry standard salt spray testing was proven to last anywhere between 2 and 5 years dependant on conditions. The USR Series offers discs that are almost totally silent ideal for prestige and premium cars. The discs have the latest super quiet slot pattern reducing disc wind noise. The pattern allows smooth wear for the life of the brake pad which in turn improves braking performance. Want the quietest and brake dust free setup? Use the Ultimax discs with Redstuff pads

  • Wide aperture grooves prevent dirt build up and aid cooling
  • Black anti-corrosion coated castings offers EBC the best corrosion resistance ever
  • Quiet slot pattern
  • Increased lifetime over standard parts

Volkswagen Golf (Mk6)

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