EBC Yellowstuff Front Pads – Polo (6C)

Model: 1.8 Turbo/2014-2017/192bhp/Caliper:ATE/Disc Size:312/DP41517R
Sale price£134.70 GBP

EBC Yellowstuff Front Pads – Polo (6C)

EBC yellowstuff are ECE Brake safety tested which means they must work perfectly from cold at least as good or better than stock pads.

These pads are perfect for occasional track days due to the effectiveness under high temperatures and the bite from cold which cannot be said for other race materials.

The Yellowstuff brake pad is R90 approved which means they are tried and tested and can be used on the road throughout Europe.

EBC Yellowstuff Front Pads – Polo (6C)
Want the best braking performance? Team the Yellowstuff pads up with the Turbogroove discs and you will not be disappointed.

  • High friction formula improves brake effect 30%.
  • Fastest brake pads for Street, Drift & Race
  • Zero brake fade makes this material perfect for fastest driving
  • Capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake “Fall-Off”
  • Very minimal disc/rotor damage characteristics
  • Suitable for shorter track events and race use
  • Medium hardness material feels good at pedal
  • If all you need is stopping power, this is the material choice
  • ECE R 90 type approved for most cars
  • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install
  • EBC Yellowstuff Front Pads – Polo (6C)

Volkswagen Polo 6R/6C

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