Ecotune Powermax 1 Package

Add an Intercooler?: No Thanks
Add Flex Fuel Capability: No Thanks
Add a motorsport downpipe: No Thanks
Sale price£3,600.00 GBP

Ecotune Powermax 1 Package

Welcome to our dyno-developed complete Stock to Powermax 1 Package for the remarkable VAG MQB platform.

The Ecotune Powermax 1 Package caters to the customer seeking an upgrade which significantly amplifies the factory performance characteristics, without the convoluted catalogue of parts typically associated with this power level. This offers an excellent, scalable introduction to upgrades for your car with a clear modular path beyond which leads to power outputs and performance results typically reserved for the supercar owner.

With an increased focus on engine and noise pollution, performance motoring enthusiasts are subject to growing public criticism. As this unwanted attention grows, we are offering a conscionable upgrade solution without the performance compromise.

  • MOT compliant (With Stock Catalyst in Place)


  • Expected figures start at 400hp, 400ftlbs and can rise up to 480hp and 470ftlbs of torque, Option Dependant**


  • Factory like response with 300ftlbs of torque available from 2300rpm increasing to 400ftlbs by only 2800rpm.


  • Improved Reliability and Drivability.


  • Flex Fuel Capability - Simply add bio-ethanol to your tank to unlock the further, fully calibrated increase in power and performance*


  • Retain your original turbocharger should you wish to return to factory setup or recoup a portion of your upgrade investment.


What does this Ecotune package include?


Our Powermax 1 Package includes the following:

  • NGK Competition Spark Plugs
  • Engine Oil & Filter Change (Performance Lubricant)
  • Installation Labour at Ignite HQ



What features does Ecotune’s Reflex Calibration include?


  • Reflex Response - Our additional layer of response to poor fuel grades and compromised engine hardware helps to protect your investment. It’s OEM engine protection, then some.


  • Oil Temperature Tethering - Power is steadily restrained based upon oil temperature being below or above the optimal operating range. A feature that ensures mechanical sympathy when it is most needed.


  • Reflex Select - On the fly selection between calibrations, easily at the touch of a button whilst in motion or stationary. This includes functionality for completely individual ECU calibrations capable of accommodating low and high-octane fuels from 95ron to E100 with varying performance profiles.


  • Boost By Gear - Specific boost targets set relative to gear selection, with the goal of improving grip in all on throttle driving. Alternative boost strategies can be applied to each individual program selection, wet/dry conditions, drag strip, etc.


  • Intelligent Flex Fuel* - Fully independent calibrations for Pump fuel and Ethanol fuel are precisely interlaced and monitored relative to Ethanol content; ensuring the perfect ignition angle, optimal direct/port injection split, ideal fuel pump delivery and perfect fuel trimming at all Ethanol ratios with the added comfort of Reflex Response. When combined with our program selection module various output and boost by gear options are available.


  • Reflex Secure - An effective additional layer of theft deterrent where a Reflex Select allocation is appointed to prevent engine starting. Select this mode and the car will not start until you return to the vehicle and disable the feature.


Volkswagen Golf Mk7/7.5 R

Volkswagen Polo 6R/6C

Volkswagen Polo 1.8 TSI

Audi A3 8V

Audi S3 8V

Audi TTS 8S

Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8T

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