ECS Tuning - 340x30mm Front Slotted 2-Piece Semi-Floating Brake Discs Pair

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ECS Tuning - 340x30mm Front Slotted 2-Piece Semi-Floating Brake Discs Pair

Features include:

  • Aluminum hats: To save weight, each rotor ring is bolted to a lightweight aluminum hat made from high quality 6061 aluminum, and hard anodized with an attractive matte black finish that is both durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Gray cast iron rings: Long known for its wear resistance and stable friction characteristics, cast iron is favored for brake rotors due to its ability to absorb and dissipate large amounts of heat.
  • 2-Piece construction: Conventional rotors are made from 1 solid block of cast iron, causing them to be typically quite heavy and not able to quickly dissipate heat. ECS rotor hats are bolted directly to the rotor ring for massive weight savings and better ability to dissipate braking temperatures. 
  • Heat treated: Heat treating further reduces the tendency for rotor cracking by reducing internal rotor stresses.
  • ECS 2-Piece rotors feature side-specific directionally curved vanes which pump air through the rotor at a higher velocity, leading to consistent, rapid cooling on both sides equally.   
    • The air velocity in curved vane rotors is higher than pillar-post rotors and straight vane rotors, and as such curved vane rotors have been shown to cool more effectively.
  • ECS Slotted 2-Piece rotors are slotted to clean brake pads and carry away water and brake dust. Slotting reduces the effects of pad glazing that often results from extremely high temperatures by continually cleaning the pad surface, resulting in more consistent stopping. Slots are machined with a ball end mill to prevent cracking that may be present on improperly machined rotors. 
  • Overall weight savings: This particular ECS 2-Piece rotor weighs only 19.80lbs compared to a stock GTI (PP) / Golf R rotor at 24.0lbs. Lighter rotors reduce unsprung weight and rotational mass to improve both braking and suspension performance.
  • Manufacturing quality: Non-friction ring surfaces, including internal vents, are painted to resist salt and other corrosives. Ground braking surfaces ensure rings run parallel, and pads bed easily.
  • Includes ECS Stainless Rotor Set Screws to eliminate rusty factory fasteners


Ready for a replacement set of rotors? ECS offers discounts on pairs of replacement rotors to the original customer or customers showing proof of ownership. Please contact the Sales Department for additional information. ECS Tuning - 340x30mm Front


*** ECS does not recommend disassembling the two piece rotors***

Reduce weight. Reduce heat. Go Faster. Stop Faster!

ECS Tuning engineered 2-Piece semi-floating rotors offer real world benefits that can be felt on both the street and track! Our 2-Piece rotors combine the advantages of weight savings and rapid heat dissipation to provide a rotor superior to stock while preventing warping and extending component life. The 18% reduction of unsprung weight by (4.2 pounds per rotor) improves handling characteristics under all situations. This reduction in rotational inertia allows for quicker acceleration, decreased braking distances, and more responsive handling.

Vehicle Fitment

  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk2 (8J)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Tiguan (Mk2)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Arteon
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8V)/Brake Discs
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk7/Brake Discs
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk3 (5E)/Brake Discs
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk3 (5F)/Brake Discs

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Audi S3 (8P)

SEAT Leon Mk3 (5F)

Audi S3 8V

Audi TT MK2

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