ECS Tuning Audi B8 Cooling Duct Set

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ECS Tuning Audi B8 Cooling Duct Set

  • Bolts to the front lower control arm so the duct travels with spindle and scoops air from under the car, funneling air into the stagnant area inside the wheel to help cool brakes

  • Sits lower than the typically used Macan brake ducts which attach to the tie rod - this allows the scoops to direct significantly more fresh air towards the brake rotor

  • Maintenance free and requires no modification to control arm to fit

  • 6061-T6 black anodized billet aluminum support brackets

  • Included stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion

  • ECS Tuning Audi B8


If you commonly drive your Audi on the track or brake at high speed, your brakes are prone to fade due to lack of cool air flowing over the rotor and can also lead to reduced brake life.  The ECS Tuning, in-house designed and engineered brake cooling duct kit is an easy to install, effective way to reduce brake temps.  The scoops channel air from underneath the car, directly to the rotor for enhanced cooling.  Our polymer ducts attach to the lower front control arm with 6061-T6 black anodized billet aluminum support brackets for a secure fit.  Compared to the common Macan duct retrofit, the direct fit ECS Tuning ducts sit lower and attach to the control arm instead of the tie rod, resulting in more accurate travel with the spindle and more air being ducted to where it counts.  Check out the air flow direction test photo below!

*To maximize cooling, trimming or removal of the dust shields is highly recommended. 


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