ECS Tuning Billet Aluminium Rear Wiper Delete Plug

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ECS Tuning Billet Aluminium Rear Wiper Delete Plug

The exterior cap is made from Type-6463 Billet Aluminum to achieve the ultra-high gloss bright dip anodized finish to match the rear hatch glass and to maintain protection against ultraviolet light. The cap features a threaded body that penetrates the hatch glass where the flat sealing washer and hardware capture from within. This design approach allows for a rigid and dependable assembly that cannot be altered from the exterior, so no worries of vandals pushing the cap in from the outside while you're not around. ECS Tuning Billet Aluminium

Once installed the complete assembly seals against water intrusion by way of a double-O-ring sealing design. ECS Tuning's engineering team selected durable Buna-N material for both the exterior O-ring and interior flat sealing gasket for their water, salt and high temperature resiliency. The interior hardware includes a stainless steel black oxide washer and a black-phosphate coated flanged securing nut for long-term, dependable operation.

Complete your vehicle's rear styling appearance with the ECS Billet 2-Piece Rear Wiper Delete Plug. 

Fits 26.5mm hole openings. 

If you've been looking for a clean, un-obstructed, stealthy wiper delete plug that features premium fitment and quality components then look no further, we've got you covered! Introducing ECS Tuning's in-house designed and engineered ECS Billet 2-Piece Rear Wiper Delete Plug. 

Featuring a smooth, logo-less, bright dip black anodized cap for the outside that has dual radii design features to follow the complex curvature of the rear hatch glass, we designed this with ultra-stealth characteristics in mind!

Vehicle Fitment

  • SEAT/Leon Mk2 (1P)
  • SEAT/Leon Mk1 (1M)
  • SEAT/Ibiza Mk5 (6J)
  • SEAT/Ibiza Mk4 (6L)
  • Audi/RS3 (8P)
  • Volkswagen/Polo 9n3
  • Volkswagen/Polo 9n
  • Volkswagen/Golf Mk5
  • Audi/S3 (8V)
  • Volkswagen/Golf Mk7
  • Volkswagen/Golf Mk4
  • Volkswagen/Golf Mk6
  • Skoda/Octavia Mk3 (5E)
  • Audi/RS3 (8V)
  • Audi/A1 (8X 10-18)
  • Audi/A3 (8L 96-03)
  • Audi/A3 (8P 03-13)
  • Audi/A3 (8V 12-20)
  • Audi/S3 (8L 99-03)
  • Audi/S3 (8P)
  • Volkswagen/Polo 6R/6C
  • SEAT/Leon Mk3 (5F)
  • Skoda/Octavia Mk2 (1Z)

Audi A3 8L

Audi A3 8V

Audi S3 8P

Volkswagen Polo 6R/6C

Seat Leon Mk3

Skoda Octavia Mk2

Skoda Octavia Mk1

Volkswagen Golf Mk5

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