ECS Lightweight Underdrive Pulley Set for 1.8T Engine

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ECS Lightweight Underdrive Pulley Set for 1.8T Engine

Includes a new alternator, power steering, and crank pulley that allows you to use a stock belt.

The ECS Tuning three-piece underdrive pulley set is made of lightweight aluminum and sized to create an overall underdrive pulley ratio for improved engine response and reduced parasitic losses from accessory loads.

These solid aluminum pulleys are precision-machined, then hard anodized for good looks, corrosion resistance, and durability. Far lighter than stock cast or stamped steel pulleys, they have a lower moment of inertia that won't sap horsepower as they spool up from low speeds. Reduced mass aside, they are extremely strong and durable.

The smaller diameter crank pulley, combined with a larger diameter power steering pulley and stock diameter alternator pulley, provide a combined underdrive pulley ratio that reduces parasitic accessory loads, leaving more power for acceleration.

Carefully engineered as a direct-fit bolt-on, the balanced choice of pulley diameters allows you to keep your existing tensioner, and use an easy-to-source stock-length serpentine belt.

Audi A3 8L

Audi S3 8L

Audi TT MK1

Volkswagen Golf Mk4

Seat Leon Mk1

Skoda Octavia Mk1

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