ECS Tuning Solid Shifter Bushing Kit - 6-Speed PQ34 / PQ35 / MQB

Shifter Bushing Type: Rectangle / Plastic Relay Lever (ES2840889)
Sale price£77.86 GBP

ECS Tuning Solid Shifter Bushing Kit - 6-Speed PQ34 / PQ35 / MQB

Stop Missing Shifts. Change your worn out rubber bushings today and feel the difference for yourself!


There are two items to verify to determine the correct version for your vehicle, and they correspond to the forwards/backwards shifter linkage and the side to side shifter linkage: 
- For the forward/backwards shifter linkage cable end, determine if the shape is rectangular or round.
- For the side to side shifter linkage determine if the relay material is made of metal or plastic.
If you are unsure; please contact us by e-mail with a photograph of your existing shifter setup. 

Replace your weak rubber shifter cable bushings and feel the difference!

By eliminating shifter bushing deflection, you can now takeECS Tuning Solid Shifter control of your shifts with precision and enjoyment. You can expect a more solid, direct feel to the transaxle shift lever, typically characteristic of racing linkage type transmissions.
ECS's Tuning Solid Shifter Cable Bushings are in house engineered and manufactured in America with precision quality and focus to detail. 

ECS shifter bushings are constructed of three, precisely engineered components. The two outer bushing supports are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and then black anodized for long lasting protection.
The inner bushing is CNC machined from high-tensile strength 932 Bearing Bronze for long lasting wear and abrasion resistance. These bushings require no lubrication and require no service over the life of the part.

Vehicle Fitment

  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Jetta Mk6
  • Shop By Car/Audi/Q3 (Mk1 11-18)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Toledo Mk2 (1M)
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Yeti
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk1 (1U)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Toledo Mk3 (5P)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk2 (1P)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk1 (1M)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Altea
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk2 (8J)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Touran (Mk1 03-15)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Tiguan (Mk1)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Jetta Mk5
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/EOS
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Bora
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/New Beetle (9C/1Y)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Tiguan (Mk2)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Scirocco/Shifter
  • Transmission/Quick Shifts
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Arteon
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk5/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8V)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Ateca
  • Shop By Car/Audi/Q2
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk7/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Karoq
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Kodiaq
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/T-Roc
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk8
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk4/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk6/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk3 (5E)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Superb (3V 2015-)
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Superb (3T 08-15)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8L 96-03)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8P 03-13)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8V 12-20)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8L 99-03)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8P)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk3 (8S)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT RS (8J)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk3 (5F)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Audi/Q3 (Mk2 18-)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk1 (8N)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk4
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk4
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk2 (1Z)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Beetle (16)/Shifter
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Caddy Mk3/Mk4 (2K)/Shifter

Audi S3 (8V)

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Skoda Octavia Mk3 (5E)

Audi A3 (8V 12-20)

SEAT Leon Mk3(5F)

Audi A3 8P

Audi S3 8P

Skoda Octavia Mk2

Volkswagen Golf Mk5

Audi TT Mk2 (8J)

Volkswagen Golf Mk5

Volkswagen Golf Mk6

Audi A3 (8P 03-13)

Audi S3 (8P)

Skoda Octavia Mk2 (1Z)

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