ECS Tuning Upgraded PCV Breather Hose for 2.0TFSI EA888 Gen3 Engines

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ECS Tuning Upgraded PCV Breather Hose for 2.0TFSI EA888 Gen3 Engines
Upgrade / Replacement PCV Hose - For use with OE PCV System

We know all too well that VW and plastic parts do not go well together. With age and heat comes plastic parts that become brittle and can fall apart very quickly. The factory Gen3 PCV hose is no exception. Already plagued with heat hardening plastic, clips that are very fragile and difficult to deal with and weeping oil at the connection points, we can see how the OEM PCV hose saves room for improvement. 

Introducing the ECS Upgraded PCV Breather Hose. Made with 6061-T6 billet aluminum adapters, Viton O-rings and -10AN braided nylon hose this durable upgrade kit is the last word in beefy PCV hoses! AN hose connections provide leak proof seals while the billet adapters precisely locate and make connections to the stock pressure control valve and turbo inlet pipe.  

Upgrade to billet parts with our ECS Tuning PCV Breather Hose kit and put an end to your worries of plastic parts breaking and making a mess of your engine bay.

Sold as a complete replacement / upgrade kit.
Only Compatible with the OEM pressure control valve (PCV) and OE turbo inlet pipe fitting. 

Vehicle Fitment

  • Engine/Valves
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Ibiza Mk5 (6J)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Scirocco/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Scirocco/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Arteon
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8V)/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8V)/Silicone Hoses
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk7/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk7/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk3 (5E)/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/Skoda/Octavia Mk3 (5E)/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8V 12-20)/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8V 12-20)/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Polo 6R/6C/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Polo 6R/6C/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk3 (8S)/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk3 (8S)/Maintenance / Tools
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk3 (5F)/Engine Tuning
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk3 (5F)/Maintenance / Tools

Audi S3 8V

Audi TT MK3

Audi A3 8V

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Seat Leon Mk3

Skoda Octavia Mk3

Seat Ibiza Mk5

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