Eventuri Black Carbon Intake - AUDI B9 S4/S5

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Eventuri Black Carbon Intake - AUDI B9 S4/S5

Each intake system consists of: 


  • Carbon Fiber Venturi housing with intergated tube
  • High Flow Generation 2 Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Intake Duct
  • Carbon Fiber Front Scoop
  • High Quality Silicon Couplers and OEM Spec Hose Clamps
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bracket Work
  • CNC Machined Mounting Stubs

The intake was tested on the road using a Vbox unit to record the acceleration from 60-130mph (also 100-200Km/h). Testing was carried out on the same stretch of road - again on the same day to keep variables minimum. Results show that with just the intake added, the acceleration times from 60-130mph reduced by almost 0.5 seconds which is a significant improvement at such speeds. This demonstrates that the gains measured on the Dyno are not represenatative of how the intake performs on the road when it has the correct flow conditions - on the road the intake shows a larger gain by the reduction in acceleration times as compared to the Dyno.  Eventuri Black Carbon Intake

Acceleration results summary: 

  • 60-130mph with Stock intake = 14.72 seconds
  • 60-130mph with Eventuri intake = 14.24 seconds
  • 100-200Km/h with Stock intake = 12.45 seconds
  • 100-200Km/h with Eventuri intake = 12.12 seconds

The gains are from a combination of reasons: 

1) The sealed system keeps IATs low - especially with the front air scoop which forces air into the system. 

2) The Venturi housing provides a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube with no convoluted rubber section. This helps the turbo to run more efficiently by maintaining laminar flow in the inlet track. 

3) The entire system is constructed from pure pre-preg carbon fibre which is great at insulating from heat. 


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