Forge M3/M4 Chargecooler

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Forge M3/M4 Chargecooler

Unique to the market, the Forge BMW M3/M4 S55 Chargecooler system uses an expansion tank rather than a header tank like the OEM system. There is a filler cap located at the highest point on the Chargecooler allowing you to be sure that the charge is 100% full of coolant with no air pockets. This maximises the efficiency of the heat rejection of the coolant within the Chargecooler water jacket.


  • Offering over 71% increase in volume and over 42% increase of frontal area.
  • In hot climate testing, constant dyno runs showed significantly lower inlet temperatures compared with the stock system and an increase in power of up to 20BHP.
  • As part of Forge Motorsport’s strict quality control process, each chargecooler unit is carefully inspected and pressure tested to 4BAR before despatch.
  • Located on the outlet tank of the chargecooler there is also a 1/8 NPT port ready for water/methanol injection if required.Forge M3/M4 Chargecooler

In the box

1x Chargecooler unit
1x Expansion tank with sight glass
1x Expansion tank cap
1x Small radiator cap
1x Billet radiator cap cover
1x Billet blanking cap
1x 1/8 NPT Grub screw
7x M6x12mm  Allen cap bolts
7x 6mm washers
1x M8x20mm Allen cap bolt
1x 8mm washer
1x M8 Nyloc nut
3x 8-16mm Hose clamps
1 x 8mm ID Vacuum hose x 170mm
1x 8mm ID Vacuum hose x 750mm 

In addition to the Forge Motorsport PolarCooler range, here we have the top mount replacement chargecooler and expansion tank for the BMW MSport S55 Engine.

The Chargecooler features an all aluminium construction which overcomes all the issues relating to plastic end tank splitting, failure at high boost and leaks between the core and end tanks with end tank seal failure. The end tanks are fabricated using high precision laser cut sheet metal panels which are TIG welded by hand for maximum strength and durability.

Designed and manufactured at Forge Motorsport HQ in Gloucestershire, England, we utilised our Solidworks CAD design system to assist in the creation, modification, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis and optimization of this innovative charge cooler. Three different core constructions were evaluated during the development process. The final design of a bar and plate core far outperformed the other two alternatives. In doing this, the Forge Motorsport development engineers have made a quadruple pass design, allowing the water to flow through four passes of the cooler which improves the cooling efficiency beyond any other products currently on the market.

Bmw M3/M4

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