Haldex Generation 4 Oil and Filter Service Kit

Drain Plug Type: Standard Fill/Drain Plug
Sale price£136.04 GBP

Haldex Oil and Filter Service Kit for 2009 -2013 Vehicles with Haldex Generation 4 rear differentials.

As part of your main service regime, a Haldex Oil change is recommended every 40,000 miles by the main dealer network. 
The Generation 4 Haldex is well known as not having a serviceable filter - which the lack of can cause premature failure of the Haldex pump. 

This kit includes a fresh filter which ideally should be changed every time you carry out a Haldex Service at 40,000 miles or less intervals and can prolong the life of the Haldex Pump. 

- VW Golf Mk6 'R'
- VW Tiguan Mk1
- Audi TT 8J (09+)
- Audi TT RS 8J
- Audi S3 8P (09+)
- Audi RS3 8P
- Skoda Yeti
- Skoda Octavia Scout (09+)

This kit includes:

  • Haldex Oil – (VAG-G060175A2)
  • Filler Plug – (VAG-N90281802)
  • Drain Plug – (VAG-N91082701)
  • Haldex Filter (HAL-111358)

Filler/Drain Plug Options: 
Standard Fill / Drain Plug

  • This kit comes with standard Filler/Drain Plugs as fitted to the vehicle from Factory.

RacingLine Filler / Magnetic Drain Plug

  • This kit comes with RacingLine Performance Billet Aluminium Non-Magnetic Filler and Magnetic Drain Plugs.
  • The kit also comes 10x Sealing Washers allowing you to re-use the plugs for upto 5 services. 
  • The Magnetic Drain plug offers a little extra protection attracting any ferous metal particals away from the inner workings of the Haldex Clutch/Pump system

Audi A3 8P

Audi S3 8P

Audi RS3 8P

Audi TT MK2

Volkswagen Golf Mk6

Skoda Octavia Mk2

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