KW DDC -Plug & Play- Coilovers – VW Golf Mk7 – With Electronic Dampers

Drivetrain - Bodystyle - Front Strut Diameter - Rear Suspension Setup - Front Axle Weight:: 2WD – Hatch – 50mm – IRS – upto 965kg
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  • KW DDC -Plug & Play- Coilovers – VW Golf Mk7 – With Electronic Dampers

    Our suspension technology is compatible with the electronics of various automobile manufacturers. The adaptive KW DDC Plug & Play Coilover kit is recognized by the factory onboard electronics. All displays and control elements of your vehicle remain fully functional with the advantages of adaptive damping. The stainless steel construction provides additional protection and durability against the elements, salt and dirt. Height adjustability is retained from our unique use of materials for construction.

    The Plug & Play solution for increased handling or more comfort compatible with the factory OEM suspension control, vehicle-specific damper setups such as Comfort / Normal / Sport operation via factory interior controls.

    The best part is: Except for the replacement of the adaptive factory OEM suspension with the KW DDC Plug & Play Coilovers, there are no further conversion steps or even modifications of the stock wiring. The KW DDC Plug & Play Coilover simply plug into the factory plugs for the adaptive suspension. The user is able to select the different settings with their factory interior controls of their vehicle.

    Ideal integration of an OEM factory controls with the advantages of an adaptive KW Coilover kit.

    KW DDC “Plug & Play” Coilovers – VW Golf Mk7 – With Electronic Dampers

    Lowering Levels:

    Front: 35-65mm

    Rear: 35-65mm

    GTI Lowering Levels:

    Front: 25-55mm

    Rear: 20-45mm

    R Lowering Levels:

    Front: 10-40mm

    Rear: 20-45mm

    Front & rear axle weights can be found on the VIN plate which is normally found under the bonnet on one of the inner wings or behind the passenger door on the b-pillar. It will look like this:

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

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