KW Height Adjustable Spring System - S3 8V

Suspension Type: For vehicles with Electronic Dampers (253100AL)
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KW Height Adjustable Spring System - S3 8V


Unlike conventional coilovers which replace the adaptive dampers or an expensive electronically adaptable coilover set-up this upgrade goes straight onto the factory adaptive dampers.

Many of the springs provided are progressive rate. Progressive rate springs are ideal for fast road use. The spring is softer in the middle so for small compressions (e.g. small bumps and imperfections in the road) they remain compliant but firms up as it compresses further to provide excellent body control and taut, predictable handling through corners. KW specifically select the best spring for each application on a kit-by-kit basis.

Each kit is carefully tuned to match the factory dampers on the car it is intended for. These are proving to be a popular upgrade on high-end performance models with adaptive damping from the factory.

As with anything KW make, these springs are manufactured to the highest standards. Each part number is individually TUV certified (copy of certificate can be supplied upon request by us or KW) for peace of mind and to meet local legal requirements. Springs are manufactured from Silicum Steel with a tough weather resistant coating.

KW Height Adjustable Spring System - Audi S3 8V 
Lowering Levels:
Front: 15-25mm
Rear: 5-20mm

Fits Sedan, Hatch and Sportback Models

A KW Height Adjustable Coilover Conversion Spring Kit is the ideal solution if you want to keep your cars stock dampers but still enjoy the benefits of adjustable lowering like you would get with coilovers.

Whereas a normal spring kit generally offers a fixed amount of lowering, KW's coilover spring kit comes with it's own adjustable spring seats/perches which replace the fixed factory items allowing the lowering level of each to be finetuned individually.

Taking only a little more time to install than a lowering spring kit (perhaps an extra hour to finetune the lowering amount) this kit replaces the stock, non-adjustable spring seats/perches and generally includes springs precisely matched to the factory dampers, adjustable perches/seats, bump-stops and dust-covers.

Vehicle Fitment

  • Suspension/Lowering Springs
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8V)/Lowering Springs

Audi S3 8V

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