Laird Performance Flash Pro tuning tool (Stage 2) 175BHP

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Laird Performance Flash Pro Handset: Empower Your Drive

Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with the Laird Performance Flash Pro end user tuning tool. Experience the thrill of tuning your car from your own garage via OBD. This advanced tool offers an array of capabilities:

  • Customize your car's performance
  • Store up to 5 different maps
  • Seamlessly switch between maps
  • Enhance security with an anti-theft map
  • Perform basic diagnostics via OBD

Your Performance Upgrade: Precision at Your Fingertips

Laird Performance takes pride in introducing the future of end user tuning. Our versatile handset allows you to store and switch between 5 different maps effortlessly, enabling us to tailor your car's performance to perfection. After an initial setup using a Windows PC, you can easily plug the tool into your vehicle's OBD port, making map switching hassle-free.

Unlock Your Potential: Your Map Options

This package equips you with a tool that provides access to the following tuning options:

  • LP2R (160-175bhp) 99ron mapping
  • LP2R with Overrun Enhancement (Light Crackles on Overrun)
  • LP2R with WRC Style Crackles (Fast Loud Pops and Bangs)
  • LP2R with Flames on Overrun (Loud Bangs and Flames on Lift Off)
  • Anti-theft mode

If fuel types or local conditions affect your tuning preferences, rest assured that we can tailor these maps to suit your specific needs – just get in touch.

Precision Meets Power: Unleash the Possibilities

Laird Performance Stage 2 figures are grounded in thorough testing on our in-house ADS Dyno. Our software has been rigorously assessed, enduring grueling trials including track testing and 1/4 mile racing on our own development vehicle, ensuring superior performance and exhilarating driving experiences.


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