Laird Performance Stage 1 (LP1R) up to 240BHP Workshop upload

Cat safe crackle add on: No
Dyno or Road tuning: Road tuned
Sale price£439.99 GBP

Unlock the Ultimate Performance: Laird Performance Stage 1R Workshop Upload

Unleash the Power: Elevate to Excellence

At Laird Performance, we present the definitive solution for tuning your 1.6 Ecoboost engine. Drawing upon our extensive experience in perfecting the Fiesta ST180, we proudly introduce the ultimate Stage 1R remap that's tailored to function flawlessly on your stock car. With Laird Performance, you're tapping into the pinnacle of power and reliability.

Precision Crafted for Perfection

Our Stage 1R remap has been meticulously engineered and extensively tested, undergoing rigorous evaluation on the dyno, road, and drag strip. You can trust that every line of code has been carefully calibrated to provide you with uncompromising performance and drivability.

Free Crackle Optional!

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating sound of our optional free crackle feature, allowing you to enjoy the thrilling symphony of power and performance.

Embrace the Power Surge

Experience the exhilarating transformation of your Fiesta ST180 as we elevate its power from 180BHP to an astonishing range of 225BHP to 240BHP, accompanied by torque figures of 230-255LBFT (hardware dependent).

Optimal Pairing and Fuel Choice

For optimal results, we recommend coupling this mapping with the SD V3 intake kit. Additionally, fuel your desire for power by choosing 99Ron fuel, which is paramount to achieving the zenith of results.

The Ultimate Mapping Solution

Our Stage 1R remap stands as the ultimate mapping solution for your Fiesta ST. Embark on a journey of exceptional performance and exhilaration, knowing you're equipped with the finest tuning available.

Maximize Performance with Dyno Tuning

Seize the opportunity to push your car's performance to its limit by opting for our dyno tuning add-on, available for just £80 extra. Extract every ounce of your car's potential and experience its peak performance.

Book Your Dyno Tuning Experience

To ensure your dyno tuning experience is seamless, we will reach out to you to establish a suitable booking date. At Laird Performance, we're committed to delivering the utmost in performance and satisfaction.

Laird Performance: The Winners Choice

Ford Fiesta ST180-200

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