Laird Performance Stage 1 tuning - 125BHP 265NM

Dyno Test: Yes
Sale price£309.99 GBP

Elevate Your Drive: 1.5TDCI Enhancement by Laird Performance

Laird Performance - Elevating Performance

Introducing an effortless transformation for your 1.5TDCI Fiesta - the ultimate software upgrade from Laird Performance. Experience a newfound realm of power and performance without compromising on reliability and economy.

Power Refined: Performance Unleashed

Our software is the result of meticulous testing, ensuring that every aspect of your 1.5TDCI's performance is elevated to perfection. Witness a seamless blend of reliability, driveability, and dynamic performance that redefines your driving experience.

Beyond Boundaries: From 75HP to 95HP

Whether your vehicle rolled out of the factory with 75HP or 95HP, our upgrade transforms your Fiesta, injecting the power and punch it craves. Unleash the hidden potential of your 1.5TDCI with Laird Performance.

Unveil the Potential: Up to 125BHP, 265NM

Embrace exhilaration as your vehicle's power soars to new heights, reaching up to an astonishing 125BHP and commanding 265NM of torque. With our software upgrade, your 1.5TDCI is no longer bound by ordinary limits.

Simplicity Perfected: No Additional Hardware Required

Experience the epitome of convenience. Our software has been meticulously designed to enhance your Fiesta's performance without the need for additional hardware. Whether your vehicle is stock or slightly modified, our software is tailored to optimize performance.

Ford Fiesta 1.5TDCI Facelift MK7.5

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