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Laird Performance Stage 2 (LP2R) up to 250BHP Workshop upload

Cat safe crackle add on: No
Dyno or Road tuning: Road Tuning
Sale price£449.99 GBP

Elevate Your Fiesta ST180: Experience the Power - Laird Performance Stage 2R Workshop Upload

Unleash Unprecedented Performance: Precision Perfected

Laird Performance presents the ultimate solution for harnessing the untapped potential of your 1.6 Ecoboost engine. Drawing on our extensive experience in fine-tuning the Fiesta ST180, we proudly introduce the unrivaled Stage 2R remap. To fully embrace this remarkable power upgrade, essential hardware upgrades are imperative, including an enhanced intake, intercooler, and either a decat or sports cat.

Optimal Hardware Recommendations

For optimal results, we recommend pairing this mapping with the SD V3 Intake, the Outlaw Intercooler, and opting for the Outlaw Decat or Sports Cat. This harmonious combination of hardware and mapping delivers unparalleled power and reliability.

Harnessing Ultimate Power and Reliability

Our Stage 2R remap is the result of meticulous crafting and rigorous testing, reflecting years of expertise in optimizing the Fiesta ST180's performance. With Laird Performance, you gain access to unrivaled tuning know-how and a commitment to delivering the pinnacle of power and reliability.

Laird Performance LP2R: Unleash the Beast

With the Laird Performance LP2R remap, your Fiesta ST180's horsepower surges to a range of 235BHP to 250BHP, while torque reaches an impressive 275-300ftlb (results are dyno and hardware dependent). This remarkable boost in power underscores our dedication to maximizing your stock turbo's potential.

Pioneering Performance: Breaking Barriers

We proudly earned our place as the first tuning company to break the 12-second barrier with a stock turbo Fiesta ST180, clocking an impressive 12.95@105MPH on the drag strip.

Unlock Precise Power with Dyno Tuning

Choose our dyno tuning add-on for just £60 extra, offering you a visual representation of your car's raw power output and the opportunity to fine-tune its performance.

Secure Your Dyno Tuning Session

To ensure a seamless dyno tuning experience, we'll reach out to you to schedule a convenient booking date. Embrace the power surge and elevate your driving experience with the Stage 2R remap from Laird Performance.

Laird Performance: The Winners Choice

Ford Fiesta ST180-200

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