Laird Performance Stage 3 (LP3R) up to 350BHP Workshop upload

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Unleash Unmatched Power: Laird Performance Turbo Upgrade Workshop Tune

Unleash the Power: Optimal Performance Unveiled

Introducing Laird Performance – the definitive solution for tuning your 1.6 Ecoboost engine to its maximum potential. With years of expert experience in refining the Fiesta ST180, we proudly present the ultimate remap tailored exclusively for vehicles equipped with hybrid or cast turbos.

Crafted for Excellence: Your Power Maximised

With Laird Performance, rest assured you're accessing the pinnacle of power and reliability. Our workshop tuning session is custom-crafted for your upgraded turbocharged ST180, working seamlessly with your stock fuel system. This meticulously in-house written tune is meticulously calibrated to deliver the utmost power for your chosen turbo unit, catering to a wide range of turbo options.

Unprecedented Performance: Turbocharged Brilliance

General power figures reach up to an Absolute Maximum of 350HP, with results contingent upon your turbo selection and fuel system response. At Laird Performance, we're dedicated to pushing boundaries and engineering performance that exceeds expectations.

Customisation at Your Fingertips: Personalise with Crackle

You have the choice to include crackle in your remap, without incurring any additional charges. It's all about delivering a tailored driving experience that matches your preferences.

The Ultimate Mapping Solution: Empower Your Fiesta ST

Embrace the extraordinary with the ultimate mapping solution for your Fiesta ST. Designed to accommodate upgraded turbochargers and a suite of essential performance hardware, this remap is the culmination of our expertise in enhancing the Fiesta ST180's capabilities.

Essential Hardware Requirements

For optimal performance, we recommend a minimum hardware ensemble that includes an upgraded turbocharger, intake, turbo back exhaust, and intercooler.

Optimal Hardware for Peak Results

For the most robust results, consider integrating the SD Performance V3 with a silicone hose, the SD/Outlaw crossover, Outlaw mid-height intercooler, Outlaw Turbo Back exhaust system, SD large hot side boost pipe (not required for S280 Turbo), SD large cold side boost pipe, and either the Outlaw 5Triple1 Hybrid turbo or S280 Turbo. The Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve is also highly recommended to complement this performance package.

Embark on a Power-Packed Journey

We'll reach out to you to schedule a suitable booking date for your workshop tuning session, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience that catapults your ST180's performance to unparalleled heights.

Laird Performance: The Winners Choice

Ford Fiesta ST180-200

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