Laird Performance Stage 3 up to 315BHP Workshop Upload

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Unleash the Ultimate Power: MK8 Fiesta ST / Puma ST Stage 3 Mastery by Laird Performance

Laird Performance - Precision Perfected

Introducing the apex of 1.5 3cyl Ecoboost tuning - the stage 3 transformation by Laird Performance. Elevate your driving experience to unparalleled heights as we uncover the hidden potential of your vehicle, delivering exhilarating power, track-ready dynamics, and unrelenting performance.

Power Unleashed: Over 300BHP

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey as our stage 3 tune unlocks the potential of your MK8 Fiesta ST / Puma ST, unleashing over 310BHP with our proprietary 5Triple1 Hybrid turbo. Each facet of this tune has been meticulously crafted through extensive testing on our in-house track car, ensuring optimal performance, drivability, and reliability.

Track-Proven Excellence: Engineered for Victory

Our stage 3 tune has endured rigorous testing across the UK's most challenging motorsport tracks. Our in-house track car has conquered demanding back-to-back 30-minute hot laps with unwavering performance and zero issues. It's only after such rigorous testing that we confidently offer this tuning solution to the wider public.

Uncompromising Hardware: Components of Dominance

Unlock the full potential of your MK8 Fiesta ST / Puma ST with a comprehensive hardware setup. This tune is tailored for vehicles equipped with a full exhaust system, including Decat/Sports cat, GPF delete, intercooler, intake, and our potent 5triple1 Hybrid turbo. Our performance figures are based on vehicles running 99Ron fuel, setting the stage for an unmatched driving experience.

Experience Precision: Custom-Made for You

When you choose Laird Performance, you choose a journey that's tailor-made to your aspirations. Our stage 3 tune isn't just a boost in power; it's an embodiment of precision engineering and the pursuit of perfection.

Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Tuning

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