Laird Performance Stage 4 (LP4R) Custom tuning Workshop Upload

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Laird Performance Stage 4: Unleash the Unmatched Power

Experience the Unstoppable: Laird Performance Stage 4

Dive into the world of unmatched power and performance with the extraordinary Laird Performance Stage 4 upgrade. As pioneers of pushing the boundaries, we introduce the epitome of performance tuning, meticulously designed for those who demand supremacy on both the street and the track.

Elevate Your Drive: Redefining Dominance

At Laird Performance, we comprehend the passion for power. With a legacy of excellence in the Fiesta ST180 tuning realm, we proudly present the Stage 4 upgrade—a symphony of numbers and exhilarating driving experience that's tailored for true performance enthusiasts.

Engineering Brilliance: Crafted for Supremacy

The Stage 4 package is a symphony of precision engineering and advanced technology. Merging handpicked performance components, this upgrade metamorphoses your Fiesta ST180 into an awe-inspiring powerhouse, delivering astonishing acceleration and commanding power at your command.

The Ultimate Hardware Ensemble: Performance Perfected

Our recommended hardware for the Stage 4 metamorphosis encompasses:

  • SD Performance V3 Intake System
  • Upgraded Turbocharger (Customizable to Your Preferences)
  • Outlaw Turbo Elbow
  • Outlaw Intercooler for Unmatched Heat Dissipation
  • High-Flow Downpipe (Decat or Sports Cat)
  • Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve
  • Enhanced Fuel System (Cam, Injectors, or Upgraded Fuel Pump)
  • LP Pro Custom Tuning

Experience Unrivaled Power: Results Beyond Imagination

The Stage 4 upgrade is engineered to deliver mind-blowing results. While specific power figures vary based on your chosen turbo and hardware, it's commonplace to witness the Fiesta ST180 unleashing well over 400HP—an astounding accomplishment for a car of its stature.

Unlock the Dominance: Beyond Limits

Embrace the ferocity of your transformed Fiesta ST180 as it propels you into an uncharted realm of performance. The Stage 4 package signifies more than an upgrade; it's an assertion of dominance on the road and track, a manifestation of your pursuit of peak performance.

Embark on Your Stage 4 Journey

Once you've booked, one of our dedicated team members will be in contact to arrange a suitable tuning date that aligns with your convenience. Let's commence a dialogue about how Laird Performance Stage 4 can transform your driving experience into an extraordinary symphony of power, precision, and performance.

Ford Fiesta ST180-200

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