MMR Intercooler F20/F30/M2 (Non Competition) Race - Tube and Fin

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MMR Intercooler F20/F30/M2 (Non Competition) Race - Tube and Fin

The MMR Performance intercooler for the F20/F30 BMW's improves power and torque output significantly by substantially reducing charge air temperatures versus the OE cooling setup.

Using a huge tube and fin stepped core, our performance intercooler provides almost double the core volume of the OE unit and a frontal area around 70% greater than OE, too.

The core itself uses internal turbulators to improve its cooling performance and the CFD optimised end tanks assist with maintaining the best possible airflow across the core. 

Despite the huge core size, due to the tube and fin construction the competition unit only weights 8.6kg whilst still providing the best solution possible when power output and low air charge temperatures and minimal pressure drop are required.


  • 520mm x 215mm x 145mm tube and fin stepped core
  • 70% larger frontal area than OE
  • 90% more internal volume than OE
  • Delivers substantial temperature drop across the core, with minimal impact on pressure drop
  • Anti-corrosive thermal coating
  • Easy installation, not cutting or permanent modification to the vehicle required


Please note this will not fit the convertible models. 

Bmw F20/F30/M2

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