MMR Low Oil Temperature Thermostat N54 N55

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MMR Low Oil Temperature Thermostat N54 N55

In order to properly control the oil temperature on your N54 or N55 engine, other than the addition of an oil cooler system, fitting the MMR low oil temp thermostat is one of the best ways to allows you to maintain your oil temps between 90c - 110c.

Machined from aircraft grade T-6061 aluminium before being anodised in the proprietary MMR finish for durability, installation of the low temp thermostat is relatively easy into the OE oil thermostat housing found on the N54 and N55 engines.

This upgrade is a recommended modification for cars used on track, or that have an increased power / torque output and are therefore generating more heat than OE.

Bmw N54 N55

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