P3 Cars V3 Gauge for A4/S4/RS4 B9 (2016-2019)

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P3 Cars V3 Gauge allows you to connect to your car in an entirely new way. P3’s V3 is more than just a gauge, capable of displaying dozens of engine parameters the V3 is the first and last gauge you will ever need. In addition to displaying engine parameters, the V3 is capable of recording 0-60mph times. P3 understands that a gauge can be difficult to read under racing conditions especially when trying to keep control of your vehicle. For that reason the V3 features peak recall to show the peak value of any parameter as well as a 15 second playback.

Have a check engine light? The V3 is capable of reading fault codes as well as clearing a check engine light. All units of measure can easily be adjusted from Imperial (PSI, Fahrenheit, MPH) to metric (Bar, Celsius, KPH). The V3 can also display values from external 0-5 volt sensors including air ride suspension pressure and many others.

This V3 kit features a plug and play installation that can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. Simply follow the instructions and easily install the V3 display in your car’s existing vent housing. Once the display is installed simply plug in the included cable to your car’s OBD-2 port located near the driver’s feet and you’re done.

– Red & White

– Suitable for RHD Vehicles Only
– LHD kits are available on special request. Please e-mail us prior to placing your order.

Using this gauge you can measure :
– 0-60mph acceleration
– Boost/Vacuum
– Coolant temperature
– Road Speed
– Throttle position
– RPM with a selectable shift light
– Exhaust gas temperature
– Intake air temperature
– Battery voltage

Audi A4/S4/RS4 B9

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