PerfCo 5x112 Hubcentric Wheel Spacers (Pair) with Bolts

Size: 12mm
Sale price£100.01 GBP

Wheel spacer and bolt kits to suit your 5x112 / 57.1mm VAG vehicle for a quick and easy solution.These kits are designed to work with Genuine OE Alloy Wheels and come with the Wheel Spacers and the correct wheel bolts to suit. We highly recommend that you measure your vehicle fully loaded to see what size spacers are required. 



  • Wheel spacer sizes should be carefully considered
  • - Wheel bolts included use the standard 17mm Hex, so no need for any special tools
  • - Designed to work with Genuine OE Alloy Wheels
  • - May not be compatible with Aftermarket Alloy Wheels
  • - Wheel bolts should be tightened to 120nm (88.5lb/ft) and rechecked after 25 miles.

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