Performance DOT4 Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid Options: ATE Type 200 DOT4 Brake Fluid - 1Ltr
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Performance DOT4 Brake Fluid 

ATE Type 200 Fluid:
When it starts to get complicated, that’s when we go into top gear, because we have customised every ATE brake fluid to perfectly match its individual application. Viscosity, boiling point, pressure behaviour, they all interact perfectly to allow the brakes to react quickly and reliably – for every vehicle and every application.
Dry Boiling Point: 280°C
Wet Boiling Point: 190°C

710 HBF320 Racing Fluid:
Specifically formulated to provide the highest performance at the extreme temperatures experienced under race conditions. Suitable for racing or other higher performance vehicles, both on and off road, it also meets the performance requirements of the International FMVSS 116 DOT4 specification.
Dry Boiling Point exceeds: 300°C
Wet Boiling Point exceeds: 195°C

AP Racing 600 Fluid:
600 fluid has a dry boiling point exceeding 300°C and has been developed for racing applications where high temperatures are being experienced, e.g. when using carbon discs and the ultimate in brake fluid performance is required. It should be noted that before using 600 fluid, any existing brake fluid should be drained completely from the brake system. The system should be thoroughly purged with new 600 and can be filled completely with new 600 fluid.

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