Powerflex Black 95 Shore Front Wishbone Rear Bush – Golf MK7 5G 2WD 122PS plus Multi-link

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black 95 shore Description

 black 95 shore Powerflex Black Front Wishbone Rear Bush

black 95 shore DIAGRAM NO.: 2
NOTES: black 95 shore
Black 95 Shore PFF85-802 uses our Road Series Purple 80 shore material and CNC machined steel outer shell to boost stiffness over the original part by almost 100% for stability under acceleration and braking, black 95 shore  whilst retaining flexibility and compliance by using our medium compound material for controlled articulation. black 95 shore Our part also features a stainless-steel sleeve with an offset bore to match the caster settings of the original part. For caster adjustment, black 95 shore we do have an adjustable version of this part available in our black 95 shore Series (PFF85-802GBLK) black 95 shore

black 95 shore BUSH SIZE IF AVAILABLE:

black 95  shore NUMBER OF BUSHES IN THIS PACK: 2

REPLACES OEM NUMBERS: 5Q0407183E / 5C0407183A 1K0407152BG 5C0407151D

Black Series

For Track and Motorsport use. black 95 shore

POWERFLEX Black  95 shore Series bushes are manufactured using our Black 95 Shore A compound to provide maximum control of chassis geometry.

Vehicle Fitment

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Volkswagen Golf mk7

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