RaceChip GTS Black+App – RS3 (8V) / 2012-

Engine Options:: 2.5 TFSI RS 367 +41 hp
Sale price£559.00 GBP


RaceChip GTS Black+App – RS3 (8V) 

State-of-the-art for high-performance vehicles. The combination of ultramodern hardware, cutting-edge software and technology (up to 7 analogue and digital channels) plus comprehensive safety and service packages gives petrolheads everything they’ve ever wanted in their own cars.


The RaceChip GTS Black+App lets you choose from three expertly matched tuning stages: Efficiency for minimising consumption in the city, Sport for strong acceleration between the corners on cross-country roads, and Race for maximum performance.

Other features:

  • – Re-set to stock tune from the app
  • – Fine-tuning in real-time via our Customer Support
  • – Automatic software updates
  • – Control of XLR Throttle Tuning
  • – Expanded service functions


Engines should be asked to produce full performance only after they’ve reached working temperature. The Warm-Up Timer feature integrated into RaceChip GTS Black makes sure the engine is ready to really deliver – it makes the full power increase available only once the engine is properly warm, which will also increase your car’s lifetime.

5-Year Product Warranty

We use premium components in all our products including the Racechip GTS Black. The complete circuit board has a nano-coating. The processor was specially designed for operating conditions in a car. The housing is heat-resistant, and the connection is made with a professional FCI plug. The Racechip GTS Black is a high-quality product, which is why we offer a 5-year product warranty.

2-Year Engine Warranty

  • 2-year engine warranty (up to 8,000 GBP)*
  • Warranty period: 2 year
  • Indemnity: 8,000 GBP (All major engine components covered)
  • Max. reading: 60,000 miles
  • Max. vehicle age: 5 years
  • Applies even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired

Motor-specific software: v2.0_GTSBlack
7 fine tuning mappings
Engine Protect System +
Warm-up timer

ARM Cortex-M3 processor
Up to 7 analogue and digital channels
Chip electronics with Nano-Protect
Pro-grade connector (FCI)
Ultra-resistant composite housing
Pro fixing system
Dimensions (mm): L 112 x W 111 x H 36

Additional information

Engine Options:

2.5 TFSI RS 367 +41 hp, 2.5 TFSI RS (Euro 6/DAZA) 400 +71 hp, 2.5 TFSI RS (Euro 6d-TEMP/DNWA) 400 +35 hp


Vehicle Fitment

Audi RS3 8V 2.5 TFSI

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