RaceChip RS+App - Golf MK8 R 320hp

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RaceChip RS+App - Golf MK8 R 320hp


RaceChip RS comes to you with the right mapping for the engine in your car. You can also choose from 6 fine tuning mappings via the rotary control on the front side in order for the chip to gradually better fit the engine’s performance and characteristics.

  • 6 fine tuning mappings for a gradual custom-fit
  • Perfect adjustment to your wishes

Save money with the RaceChip RS thanks to less fuel consumption

With the RaceChip RS, consumption can be reduced by up to 15% if the driving style is appropriate. This means that investing in one of our chip tuning products also pays off economically quickly. Our products are designed to enable you to reduce consumption. Enjoy more power when you drive sportily or save fuel and money.

HP GAIN +44hp


RaceChip RS Tuning Box - Bluetooth Version with App Control

The bestseller of the RaceChip tuning boxes. Completely newly developed optimisation software with engine-specific tuning, high-quality hardware and a service package offers everything that makes the driver's heart beat faster.

  • Easy installation in 10 minutes including installation instructions
  • 6 fine tuning mappings
  • Tuning perfectly tailored to your vehicle
  • Professional automotive safety connector
  • High quality components "Made in Germany"


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