Racingline Racing Brake Fluid - 500 ml

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Racingline Racing Brake Fluid - 500 ml

Whether you're running stock brakes for Fast Road, or a Big Brake Kit on the track, the new Racing Brake Fluid from Racingline is a fantastic upgrade to any braking system!

* Compatible with all brake setups - from standard factory brakes right up to our mighty Stage 3 Big Brake Kits on track
* One of the highest-specification brake fluids on the market
* Suitable for any form of motorsport as well as day-to-day road use without compromise
* Since our Racing Brake Fluid is significantly less expensive than buying new pads or a big brake kit, this is your ideal first braking modification
* A Highly Refined Super-DOT4 fluid, giving a significantly higher boiling point than regular DOT4 or DOT5.1
* Racingline's Racing Brake Fluid has a Dry Boiling point of 312ºc and a wet boiling point of 204ºc

Audi S4 B6

Audi S4 B5

Audi RS4 B5

Audi RS4 B6

Seat Ibiza Mk4

Audi A3 8Y

Audi TT MK3

Audi RS3 8P

Seat Leon Mk3

Audi S3 8Y

Audi RS3 8Y

Audi S3 (8V)

Volkswagen Golf Mk7

Volkswagen Golf Mk8

Volkswagen Polo AW

Skoda Octavia Mk3

Seat Leon Mk3

Audi A4 B9

Audi A5 B9

Audi S5 B9

Audi RS4 B9

Audi RS5 B9

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