RTS Performance Brake Discs – Audi S1 – 272mm – Rear Fitment

Color: Black
Disc Design: Dimpled and Grooved
Sale price£142.00 GBP

RTS Performance Brake Discs – Rear Fitment (RTS-7551R)

RTS Performance has developed a comprehensive range of Brake Discs and Pads for all vehicles.  RTS Performance Brake Discs are a direct OE replacement that dissipates heat and allows gases to escape much more efficiently than your factory brake discs. This provides the driver with more positive feedback in Braking Performance. Moreover, Our design prevents the forming of service cracks and can, therefore, withstand harder driving and higher temperatures.  All Performance Braking is manufactured in the United Kingdom and undergo rigorous testing to meet G3500 and ECR90 quality accreditation.

Audi S1 8X

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