Sachs Dual Mass Flywheel for SEAT Leon Cupra Mk3

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Sachs Dual Mass Flywheel for SEAT Leon Cupra Mk3

Higher torque levels, greater ignition pressures, and stricter emissions controls are causing ever greater rotational irregularities in today’s engines, and thus higher levels of vibration in the powertrain. Higher demands on comfort and quiet as well as greater measures to protect the transmission all require extremely efficient torsional vibration dampers.
The clutch systems from ZF SACHS have brought motor sports teams worldwide to the forefront, from mass sports to Formula 1.
The knowledge gained from these race series has been flowing into the development of High Performance products for years.

Suitable for the following 6-Speed Manual Models: 
– SEAT Leon Cupra 265
– SEAT Leon Cupra 280
– SEAT Leon Cupra 290
– SEAT Leon Cupra 300

We Recommend: 
* Changing the release bearing at the same time as fitting a new Clutch kit or Flywheel.
* Replacing the Flywheel Bolts at the same time as changing the Flywheel.

SEAT Leon Cupra Mk3

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