Sachs Performance Single Mass Flywheel & Clutch Kit for Seat Leon 1M 1.8T

Friction Plate Option: Organic Plate
Sale price£1,378.28 GBP

Sachs SMF Conversions are listed as Motorsport applications, this is due to the removal of any vibration damping that the standard Dual Mass Flywheel offers. Fitting a SMF conversion will increase engine and transmission vibration.

This clutch kit contains the SRE Performance clutch cover and the rigid Performance clutch disc with special organic friction material.
With higher clamping pressure and a more durable special organic friction material, this clutch kit is the ideal upgrade for modified engines where better torque handling of the clutch is required

We Recommend:
*Changing the release bearing at the same time as fitting this clutch kit.
*Inspect condition of flywheel and change if needed
*Six Speed Gearbox Only

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