Scorpion 3″ Downpipe – Audi TTS (8S)

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Scorpion 3″ Downpipe – Audi TTS (8S)

You only have to touch a Scorpion exhaust to appreciate the premium design and construction qualities, which translate into tangible gains in both performance and reliability.

Handcrafted in England and widely regarded as one of the best exhausts on the market today, Scorpion has become one of the most popular upgrades amongst both tuning enthusiasts and racers alike. But the real difference is the way a Scorpion feels. No other exhaust is created with our passion, expertise and experiences; because of this Scorpion’s appeal goes beyond the many superb product advantages.

Everything that we have put into developing the world’s best exhausts over the years is designed to be shared, felt and experienced by you, the driver.

We only use the very best high-performance materials. T304/316 stainless steel, Grade 1 titanium and high-temperature carbon fibre and high-grade mild steel in components such has heavy-gauge mounting flanges.

– T304 Grade Stainless Steel
– Made in the UK
– Mandrel bent – not like the restrictive ‘compression bent’ pipes you will find elsewhere
– Comes complete with Clamp and Sleev
– Video Installation guides available on Request

The use of de-cats, sports cats are for off road/motorsport use only. Using these parts would inhibit your vehicle from passing a MOT test.

Only EC type-approved components are legal and fit for road use.

If non EC type-approved components are fitted at Awesome, the vehicle cannot be driven from our premises on the road, the vehicle will need to be recovered on a trailer to prove your intention is for off road use

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