Scorpion Resonator Delete Pipe Kit – Audi SQ2

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Scorpion Resonator Delete Pipe Kit – Audi SQ2

Fancy giving your car an aggressive exhaust note for little cost?
The Scorpion Resonator Delete Pipe Kits remove the factory mid-resonator and replaces it with a straight pipe section.

Not only does this make the exhaust note deeper without the need to replace the entire exhaust system – and it’s also fairly easy to install!
Just one cut to your standard exhaust – and sleeve this badboy on!

– T304 Grade Stainless Steel
– Made in the UK
– Mandrel bent – not like the restrictive ‘compression bent’ pipes you will find elsewhere
– Comes complete with Clamp and Sleeve
– Video Installation guides available on Request

The use of de-cats, sports cats are for off road/motorsport use only. Using these parts would inhibit your vehicle from passing a MOT test.

Only EC type-approved components are legal and fit for road use.

If non EC type-approved components are fitted at Awesome, the vehicle cannot be driven from our premises on the road, the vehicle will need to be recovered on a trailer to prove your intention is for off road use.

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