TAROX Rear Brake Discs BMW M135i (345mm)

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TAROX Rear Brake Discs BMW M135i (345mm)

F2000 discs are the ideal solution for those who alternate the use of the car on the road with serious sessions on the track. The curved grooves on the braking surface deglaze the pads and allow the disc to run cooler.

Compared to G88 the F2000 discs feature less grooves which strike the perfect balance between heat dissipation and strength ensuring they cope with even the most demanding use on track.

All F2000 discs are based on original equipment specification, TÜV approved castings, heat treated for strength and hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface. TAROX Corsa pads are their ideal partner for track day sessions.


Brake disc diagram and key

disc diagram
  • A – Diameter
  • B – Thickness
  • C – Minimum Thickness
  • D – Offset – Height
  • E – Central Bore
  • F – Stud hole arrangement


  • Multiple curved grooves
  • Ultra strong design
  • Ideal for track use
  • Heat treated for strength and durability
  • Precision finished by hand

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